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    From the region of Somme (France) to the outcome = Creation in Polynesia!








    Yel grew up in a jewelry environment. Originally from the region of Somme (France), her parents handed her down their passion.

     With a sweet tooth for chocolate, the artist was trained in Switzerland in jewelry and watch making craft.

     During her career, she met up with Galalith, a noble and natural material, with which she literally fell in love. She was charmed by its silky smooth aspect that only the hand of Man can reveal in such a sublime manner.


    At the beginning of the 21st century, her plane landed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.



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  • From Oz to Yelcreation!


    Yel persevered in jewelry in order to bring to perfection her knowledge of the black Tahitian pearl. Then, retired young, she gives free course to her creative spirit and keeps a little boutique in Papeete where she exhibits her works of art.


    Her old loves catch up with her in 2005 and it is with the help of “biscotte” that she starts to hunt for Galalith everywhere in France (and elsewhere!).

    From Oz to Yelcreation!I am the mystery hunter called “Biscotte”

    Today the adventure starts and through her fingers the Galalith is reborn for our immense pleasure. And it is with a “sandy” Yel that she signs her silky and colorful works of art.

    Should you go through Papeete, Tahiti, do not hesitate to contact her; it is with great pleasure that she will let you discover her sacred universe.


     To contact her, go this way  .



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